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Exceptional Coaching for Extraordinary Results

My coaching is focused on making you more successful professionally and more satisfied personally.  I take a very pragmatic approach based on your situation, your needs, and your goals.

There’s only one person who can change you, and they’re sitting in your seat.
— Dr. Peter Fuda

When you partner with me, we’ll start with where you are now and focus on where you want to go. I can help you identify and clarify your values and goals, and then collaboratively discover pathways and resources to move you forward. 

I leverage models of change that are based in rigorous academic and scientific research. These tools and perspectives can help you see more clearly, act more confidently, and build exponentially on your successes. 

Most importantly, I listen deeply and create a trusting environment to support you in taking the risks necessary for long-term change. 

What Results Does Coaching Produce?

Research has shown the coaching process to be highly effective in:

  1. Generating significant economic Return on Investment ("ROI") via business results – see selected research (PDF)
  2. Increasing goal striving and goal attainment
  3. Decreasing in depression and stress 
  4. Increasing in resilience, hope, subjective and psychological well being, cognitive hardiness,  and self efficacy (confidence)
  5. Developing a humanistic and encouraging style, which has the secondary impact of increasing the engagement of others in the workplace (a coaching ripple effect)

Ethics and Standards

In order to provide the highest level professionalism possible, I embrace and abide by the following:

Common themes in my coaching include:

  • Improving leadership effectiveness
  • Developing high performing teams
  • Stepping up into senior executive roles
  • Values and goals identification
  • Work/life balance
  • Positioning for promotion
  • Developing or maintaining more productive ways of thinking
  • Increasing self-awareness & addressing blind spots
  • Transitioning into new role, including developing a “First 100 Days” plan
  • Managing up and partnering laterally
  • Increasing political aptitude
  • Working across organizational silos, geographies and cultures

My Education & Certifications

  • MSc Coaching Psychology, University of Sydney
  • MS Information Systems, DePaul University
  • BA, Communication Studies, UC Santa Barbara
  • The Leadership Circle 360 Assessment Suite
    • The Leadership Circle Profile – 360 Assessment
    • The Leadership Circle Profile - Manager Edition
    • Leadership Culture Survey
  • Hogan Personality Inventory Suite
    • Hogan Personality Inventory
    • Hogan Development Survey
    • Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory
  • Affiliate Member, Institute of Coaching
    McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School Affiliate

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